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             Theological Seminary

Master of Arts - Pastoral Theology (MAPT)

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology (MAPT) degree s intended for those who are presently serving in Pastoral leadership in the Church. Each student’s background and experience is considered in creating aa a meaningful course of study.  The program combines theological study, a focus on developing pastoral skills, and the integration of these two areas.  We are requiring each student to complete two four-week clinics, four eight-week sessions, a reading period and a writing period in order to submit a detailed and theological  sound project or thesis before graduation.  During Senior Symposium each student will present and defend his/her project/thesis.  Students beginning the MAPT program may petition to receive advanced standing for previous work.  Non-credit ministerial training and years of ministerial experience may also qualify towards advanced standing or toward "credit for non-credit." 

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology curriculum involves not only extensive preparation in the Bible, systematic and historical theology, but also preparation in pastoral ministries, Christian education, missions, and field education. Students must enroll in Spiritual Formation groups during their first semester in the program. Students are encouraged to take courses in the order in which they appear on the curriculum chart. This is to the student’s advantage, as courses are designed to build on previous course work.

The M. A.P.T.  curriculum requires 60 credit hours. We are requiring each student to complete two four-week clinics and four eight-week sessions. They must be able to present and defend a thesis during Senior Symposium- end of the fourth session. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or above to graduate. Of the 60 credit hours required for completion of M. A. curriculum at least 45 credit hours must be 
completed at this seminar.

MAPT Program Curriculum