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             Theological Seminary

The Bachelor of Theology (BTh) Degree Program

The Bachelor of Theology (BTh) Degree program is a four year program designed for persons who are committed to Pastoral or Christian Education Ministry specifically. It is for laypersons or ministers of demonstrated ability. The program is designed to enhance their effectiveness by means of structured curricula which integrates their experiences of ministry with the academic resources of the Seminary.

The BTh Degree program requires successful completion of 120 credits of course work. It normally includes eight terms of five classes each term.  The learner is encouraged to take 15 hours of core courses each term.  The learner should consult with his/her advisor before taking more than 15 credits in each term.  Each course has a one hour weekly field experience requirement.  Specialized studies may be developed through directed study, independent study, group electives, or intensive courses offered at the seminary.

Peer learning is an essential part of WBS programs. Placement in a ministerial setting is also an essential part of the Seminary’s programs. Since the BTh  Degree cannot orient its work solely to the individual learner; rather, it must involve those to whom the BTh student ministers. It must be an "ecclesial focused" degree.

At WBS, the BTh  Degree program seeks to involve the congregation of the learner in a number of ways in a direct sharing of the program. There is flexibility in schedule arrangements in an attempt to meet the needs of the variety of ministerial settings involved. 

BA Degree Core Courses - Revised