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International Distant Learning Program

The International Distant Learning Program is an extension of Washington Baptist Theological Seminary.  The course study has been primarily tailored for the church and ministry community in Kenya; Nairobi, Nakuru and surrounding area.  This program as outlined is approved by Kenya Higher Christian Education (Certificate, Diploma & Masters) and the curriculum as outlined is the standard structure. 

The classes will be held once a week for two hours. Class sessions will utilize video conference technology via the internet (where possible) or access to prerecorded voice sessions until such technology is coordinated at both ends. Along with study notes and outlines provided by the instructor, at each session (if possible) there will be an instructor on site to answer any questions that the student may have. The students will prepare the required papers and submit them electronically. The papers will be reviewed by the faculty here in the USA and respond accordingly to the students. Students that successfully complete the modules as outlined will be awarded the appropriate Certificate, Diploma and/or Masters Degree.

Biblical Studies 1 – Certificate I 

12 weeks – 2 hours per session (3 months)

• Old Testament Overview
• New Testament Overview 
• Christian Evangelism
• Survey of Bible Doctrine
• Elements of Bible Study
Biblical Studies II – Certificate II

 44 weeks – 2 hours per session (11 months)

• Bible & Church Doctrine  
• Isaiah
• Romans 
• Pauline Epistles 
• Harmony of the Gospels  
• Christian Apologetics   
• Ethics 
• Overview of Revelation 
• Bible Prophecy & Present Day
Advanced Diploma – Certificate I and II 
Biblical Studies - Master of Arts 

Prerequisite – Advanced Diploma (Certificate I & II)

• Leadership & Ministry
• Systematic Theology 
• Theological Divisions
Pastor's Track 
Pastors Diploma (Pastors Only) 

• Bibliology 
• Family Life 
• Apologetics
• Pastoral Ethics
• Conflict Resolution
• Pastoral Counseling Overview
• Hermeneutics
• Homiletics 
• Sermon Construction
Master of Arts “Pastoral” Theology (Pastors Only)
Prerequisite - Pastor Diploma Track

• World Religions
• Spiritual Formation
• Christian Thought 
• Systematic Theology
• Theological Divisions

International Distant Learning Program - Approved by Kenya Education
Washington Theological Seminary - President, Dr. John L. McCoy
Dr. Nate Butler, Dean
Dr. Angel Taylor, Assistant Dean