Washington Baptist


             Theological Seminary


  I am honored to serve as Dean of the Washington Baptist Theological Seminary’s School of Certification (SOC).  My position involves   planning, conducting and evaluating a comprehensive Program of Christian education. I supervise a staff of administrative personnel as   well as denominationally sound instructors.   The SOC serves a community of believers who want to learn, but are not necessarily   interested in participating in the part or full time studies required to obtain a diploma or degree. We offer programs which concentrate on   a focused group of studies devoted to specific areas of ministry.  The curriculum is particularly suited for laypersons interested in starting a ministry, enhancing a ministry or preparation for leadership in his or her respective local church.


The SOC also develops special educational and training projects such as study seminars.   We cooperate with many denominational leaders in promoting and developing activities of mutual interest, and it will be our sincere pleasure to assist those who come to us seeking to equip themselves for the work of the ministry in the service of the Lord.

Reverend Dr. Willie T. Lawson
Dean of the School of Certification