Washington Baptist


             Theological Seminary

History of the Washington Baptist Theological Seminary


The Washington Baptist Theological Seminary was founded in 1926 by the late Dr. W. H. Jernigan, the President of the General Baptist Convention of the District of Columbia, for the purpose of training Christian ministers and religious workers. It was stated at the time of founding: “They must be taught the history and doctrines of our denomination.” On October 5, 1926, the school began in the Second Baptist Church, Third Street, between H and I Streets, N.W., and for thirteen years, classes were held there and in the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Third and Eye Streets, N. W.,Washington, D.C.

On January 1, 1940, the school moved to 1600 13th Street, N.W. where classes were held for the past seventy-four years.  Due to the increase in enrollment, the school is currently located at 4603 Eastern Avenue, Mount Rainier, Maryland.  Classes are temporarily being held at The Word of God Baptist Church, 6513 Queens Chapel Road, University Park, Maryland.

The Washington Baptist Theological Seminary has been serving the churches of the Nation's Capitol and mission fields across this country and around the world since 1926. It has produced some of the finest pastors,ministers admission workers of the past 8 decades. The school's founder, Dr. W.H. Jernagin, was a national leader, having worked with several American Presidents to improve the plight of the poor and dispossessed of this country. In the first 77 years of its history the Washington Baptist Seminary has only had two presidents, Dr. J.L.S. Holloman (1926-1970) and Dr. Andrew Fowler (1970-2003). These were two of the ablest men of their day. After the death of Dr. Andrew Fowler the Trustees elected Dr. John L. McCoy, a 1983 graduate of the seminary and Howard University, to serve as its third president.

The Washington Baptist Theological Seminary is blessed with a staff of finely trained professors. The institution has a student body of earnest and consecrated young men and women. The Washington Baptist Theological Seminary exists to teach the Bible and to be witnesses to the community about the goodness of the Lord. This is accomplished by providing quality theological training to professed Christians.